• Report: Trump Bashed at Meeting of Evangelical Leaders, Some Attendees Walked Out

    President Trump was reportedly bashed at an invite-only meeting of evangelical leaders, and some attendees are said to have walked out.  The purpose of the meeting at Wheaton College (Ill.) was to discuss the evangelical movement, but quickly switched to bashing the president, with many concerned that the movement is too closely linked to Trump. Jenna Browder, host of "Faith Nation" on the Christian Broadcasting Network said Thursday on "Fox & Friends" that some people actually walked out of the meeting when it turned political. "It was supposed to be a meeting about evangelism and faith. ... They really didn't realize what they were getting into," she explained. Her co-host, David Brody, added

  • ‘Ghost net’ full of tangled sharks is a giant marine graveyard

    Hundreds of sharks and other fish have been discovered dead after getting tangled in floating a “ghost net” in the Caribbean. British fisherman Dominick Martin-Mayes made the horrifying discovery off the Cayman Islands, where he and his friends found the “solid net of decomposing fish and sharks” on Monday afternoon. Heartbreaking photos show an Oceanic whitetip shark trapped in the outer web - one of up to 30 sharks believed to be floating in the vast weighted net measuring 40ft deep and 40ft wide. Martin-Mayes, also a diving instructor, told The Independent: “At first we thought it was a log, but as we got closer we could see it was a net with floats. “I jumped in the water first and was shocked

  • 'Sully' Responds to Southwest Airlines Pilot Tammie Jo Shults Landing Plane, Recounts Processing Trauma

    Tammie Jo Shults, the level-headed pilot praised as a hero for steering the Southwest Flight 1380 to safety after it suffered an engine blowout, has received additional praise from one of the few people on earth who knows what must have been going through her mind at the time. Chelsey “Sully” Sullenberger was the captain who managed to land US Airways Flight 1549 safely onto the Hudson River in Manhattan in 2009 when the plane suffered engine failure after hitting a flock of geese while flying over New York, saving all 155 people on board. Southwest Airlines pilot Tammie Jo Shults poses at MidAmerica Nazarene University in this handout photo received April 18, 2018.

  • Freak accident at Dairy Queen drive-thru leaves 74-year-old customer dead

    Tragedy struck in a Dairy Queen drive-thru in Iowa, when a 74-year-old man was killed by his own truck as he tried to jumpstart the vehicle. On April 16, Curtis Schantz of Alburnett was in the drive-thru of the ice cream chain when his truck broke down, The Gazette reports. Authorities say Schantz got out of the truck and opened the hood in an attempt to fix the vehicle when it rolled forward, running him over before he could get out of the way. Suffering life-threatening injuries from the freak accident, Schantz was taken to a hospital where he later died, police said. The loss of the master electrician and longtime volunteer firefighter is being mourned all throughout Alburnett, KWWL reports.

  • Millionaire who hid treasure in Rocky Mountains says it could be 1,000 years before someone finds it

    An eccentric art dealer who claims to have hidden treasure worth millions of pounds in the Rocky Mountains says 350,000 people have tried and failed to find to find the riches. Forrest Fenn, 87, warned it could be “1,000 years from now” before hunters discover the whereabouts of the chest filled with gold nuggets and precious gems. Four men have died looking for the treasure, thought to be worth about about $2m (£1.4m).

  • Samantha Bee gives Sean Hannity a taste of his own medicine

    In light of the recent Michael Cohen scandal, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee decided to give Sean Hannity the " Hannity treatment." Samantha Bee made a wild accusation that he retained Cohen because he's a serial killer. Bee used a series of Hannity clips to prove her absurd claim. She said, "I know what you're thinking, you can't just throw a bunch of buzz words together and out of context clips just to support an outrageous conclusion. And normally I would agree with you but you know who does that all the time? Sean Hannity." Using a list of common behavior and personality traits amongst serial killers, Bee was able to make a case against the conservative pundit. She used his own words to theorize that he is a bed wetter with average intellect and fascination with fire. For further evidence, Bee called attention to the surprising number of sheds that Hannity has at his home. She said, "Who needs that many sheds if you're not storing barrels of melted people?" That was when Bee had an epiphany about Hannity and Cohen's relationship. She said, "How can you even build that many sheds on your land? No one could get zoned for that. I mean, you'd need real estate advice from a great attorney. Oh, my God!"

  • Ask Amy: Our neighbors have no curtains, and we can’t unsee this scene

    DEAR AMY: My husband and I live next to a married couple who are about our age (late 30s). Our condos are close (less than 12 feet apart), and some of our windows face each other. They removed all of the curtains and blinds about a year ago. We absolutely try to avoid looking into their house, and we’ve angled our blinds to obstruct our view most of the time. But even walking through our house, you can see into most of their house clearly without even trying. A month ago, I caught a view of our neighbor in his living room. The husband was sitting on the sofa in the living room, totally nude, clearly in a sexual position. A few weeks later, my husband saw the exact same scene as he checked the